3.1 Gallon Solution Tank is Easy to Fill
Optional Vacuum
Wand Set
The Recovery Tank Lifts off the Vacuum
Motor Frame
3.5 Gallon Recovery
Tank is Easy to Dump and Rinse
The Mini-Vactor is more than an ordinary spotter. This affordable, powerful, compact unit is designed for superior carpet and upholstery cleaning. The in-line water heater makes cleaning faster.   

  1 HP, 2-Stage 110V/60 Hz vacuum motor 
  13 Amp, 700 W in-line heater works at 130F
  16 ft. 14-3 SJT power cord with molded plug
Engineered Design
  3.1 gal. solution tank, 3.5 gal. recovery tank
  45 psi oscillating vacuum pump
   Aluminum lock holds solution tank to the recovery tank
  8 ft. vacuum and solution hoses
  Float ball shut-off in the recovery tank protects the
    vacuum motor from water damage
  Spin-off cover on the lift-off recovery tank makes
    dumping and rinsing easy
  Switch allows the operator to choose the pre-spray
    mode with no vacuum, the spray and vacuum mode,
    and the vacuum only mode
  Includes 4 stainless-steel hand wand
  Optional 2-piece, stainless-steel wand with 8 inch head
  10 ft. vacuum hose and solution hose
Safety Features
  Quiet operations - 58 dB.  Meets GS42 standard.
Portable Extraction Cleaning
Spec Sheet
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HAWK Hot Shot Mini-Vactor
HAWK Hot Shot Mini-Vactor
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