The Hawk Flight Speed Applicator glides across the floor as it applies water-based and solvent-based finishes, restorers and disinfectants in a smooth, even coat crystal-clear coat. 
The aluminum applicator head - 28, 36 and 48 wide options - delivers solutions to the floor, ahead of the applicator pads at up to 27,500 square feet per hour.  The wide head design minimizes row overlaps.  The patented, variable flow control pump can reduce finish usage by up to 20%.  
No spills, no drips, no baseboard splashes. Even novice users can perform like a pro.
Hawk Engineering
12 V battery-powered 70 psi solution pump delivers
   finishes to the floor through a 28, 36 or 48 aluminum
   applicator bar
Patented variable flow control switch and a master
   on/orr switch is at your finger tips
The 8 wheels with a magnetic sensor activates pump as
   you pull the Flight applicator across the floor
Use a lambs wool applicator with added 3 synthetic
   yarn to spread solvent-based finishes. Use a microfiber
   applicator pad with water-based finishes. (Always check the
   finish product label for the recommended pad type.)
 Pads easily mount to the applicator bar with harpoon
The corrosion-resistant, powder coated frame is 21 wide
   x 33.5 deep and holds up to (2) 5 gallon pails.
A pin-locked handle fits the users height, adjusting from
   32 to 40 high
Easy to rinse and clean. Applicator bar and pad disconnects
   for convenient storage.
Apply Both Solvent and Water-Based Finishes
HAWK Flight Applicator
with Battery-Powered Pump
28, 36 & 48
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Flight 28 - 28", #FHF28
Flight 36 - 36", #FHF28
Flight 48 - 48", #FHF28
 Flight 36 Flight-48
Part Number F-HF-28 F-HF036 F-HF-48
Battery Powered Pump Moves Finishes from Pail to Floor
Pin-Lock Handle Adjusts from
33 to 40 High
Microfiber Pads
#HVMVP28 - 4" x 28"
#HVMVP36 - 4" x 36" 
#HVMVP48 - 4" x 48"
Lambs Wool Pads
w/Synthetic Yarn
#HVLWP28 - 4" x 28"
#HVLWP36 - 4" x 36" 
#HVLWP48 - 4" x 48"
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